Dorset Live is commited to working with Entertainers and Venues to provide a promotions package utilising the very best in social media today.

We are currently working on databases for all Entertainers and Venues within Dorset. To provide a one stop solution for all your entertainment needs.

You can help Dorset Live grow by joining us on our forum and giving us your ideas on things you would like to see added to Dorset Live

Hi and welcome to Dorset Live, thank you for visiting.

Having been in the entertainment business for more years than I care to remember, I have often thought of ways to help improve promoting entertainment and now that social media plays such an important part in all our lives it has now become possible to provide a promotional system that can easily bring entertainers and venues together in one place. We hope to build Dorset Live into the number one sourse for all your entertainment needs at a cost far cheaper than any other form of advertsing. From villiage halls to night clubs Dorset has so much entertainment going on, for people of all ages.


Dorset Live is a forum base promotion site, where anyone can register on the forum free of charge. The forum can be read by all who register but certain parts of the forum can only be posted on by Entertainers and Venues Posting in those sections give you the abiltity to post once and it will then be posted on the various social media sites we use automatically, thus reaching thousands of people throughout Dorset and of course anyone else who follows on those sites. Our Twitter site @Dorset_Live now has over 3,000 followers. You will not gain that amount of publicity from a poster at a venue.


Register 'FREE' today on DL Forum and get a better idea of what Dorset Live can do for you, you can always subscribe at a later date.


Dorset Live is still at the work in progress stage and any donations towards the running costs of this project will be greatfully recieved.